Quick Smile Transformation

Zoom(tm) teeth whitening is a fast and effective procedure for transforming your smile appearance. The in-office treatment can produce a noticeably brighter smile in one appointment.

Teeth whitening with Zoom(tm) can eliminate your tooth discolorations, stains, and yellowing. The procedure is safe and is applied in the comfort of our dental office.

Zoom(tm) teeth whitening requires and approximate one hour appointment. The professional procedure can brighten your teeth up to 10 shades whiter in a single in-office appointment.

A take-home kit is available following your Zoom(tm) whitening procedure. Custom designed whitening trays and professional whitening solution enable you to maintain your whiter smile following your in-office treatment.

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Contact your Hollywood dentist about your discolored teeth. Schedule a dental examination to discuss Zoom(tm) whitening to transform the appearance of your smile in one office appointment.




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